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Backyard Road Trips

Dec 28, 2020

Welcome to the world of homemade mead making! Jim discusses the mead making process. Zack and Jim sample a few types of mead and Zack shares his mediocre home brew experience. Finally, they sample whiskey and talk about adventures in fatherhood.

Dec 12, 2020

Happy Holidays! Jim and Zack share their favorite holiday traditions. Of course, this isn't just Christmas cookies and egg nog, the duo details their favorite personal holiday traditions. From Zack putting up a beer can tree to Jim's unusual Christmas tree disposal method, the pair share what the season has in store. 

Nov 29, 2020

Jim and Zack catch up with one another after a few weeks away from the recording studio. Proud new papa, Jim talks with Zack about how life has changed since the birth of his son. Zack discusses his new book, A History Lover's Guide to the South Shore, recent articles he's written on the Backyard Road Trips website, and...

Nov 9, 2020

Zack and Jim interview Drew Burnett, founder of Drew's Honeybees. Drew's Honeybees is a natural, organic skincare company based out of Norwich, CT. The company specializes in lip and body balms that are environmentally friendly and whose proceeds go to honeybee conservation. Drew chats with us about his products,...

Oct 17, 2020

Halloween is almost here! Zack and Jim share with you some of their favorite oddities and spooky things. Zack details stories from his collections of folklore, Connecticut Lore. From ghosts of Norwichtown to the last wolf in Connecticut, the stories they share are slightly scary but mostly...