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Backyard Road Trips

Sep 24, 2022

Jim, Zack, and special guest Drew discuss all kinds of things, from tasting diet soda to camping, bears, and how they deal with telemarketers. Hang on tight, it's going to be a bumpy ride!

Aug 24, 2022

Jim and Zack bring in an old friend, Drew Burnett of Drew's Honeybees to chat about their hometown of Norwich, Connecticut, and eastern Connecticut on the whole. They discuss the natural wonders of the area including Sprague Land Trust, Mohegan Park, and Lantern Hill. They also talk about a bad time at a wine tasting,...

Jul 30, 2022

Author James Rourke stops by to say hello and chats with Jim and Zack about his new book, Stone Souls. The conversation touches on subjects including the writing process, Rourke's other published works, his upcoming book events, and even a few obscure sports references.  Check out James online at

Jul 23, 2022

You can finish the rest of that song... But here we are, sweating with the oldies on a 90-something degree day, drinking, of all things, Bourbon barrel-aged beers! Maybe you associate these beers with cooler weather, and maybe we do too, but with Jim's collection complete, it was time that Zack and Jim dig into...

Jun 27, 2022

Yuck! Jim and Zack are drinking bad beer and talking about it. Well, let's be honest, are these actually bad? You have to listen to find out. Hear them imbibe and discuss, discuss and imbibe. Tell us what beer makes your bad beer list! And just wait until they eat the broccoli slaw...