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Backyard Road Trips

Dec 20, 2022

The conversation with Jon and Beth continues. More beer talk, Cincinnati talk, their respective careers, and favorite outdoorsy activities. Learn why you won't find them at Cincinnati Reds games and about the city's abandoned subway system. Find Jon at @echoingblue and Beth at

Dec 17, 2022

Jim and Zack catch up with an old friend, Jon Hnatiuk, and his wife, Beth Himburg. These two adventurers live in Cincinnati and share with us some of their favorite backyard road trips and favorite beers in and around the Queen City.  

Dec 1, 2022

Zack and Jim are back on the soda wagon, or off, whatever the one is that means you are drinking once again. Back by popular demand, the boys are drinking soda. This time the big gulps like Coke and Pepsi are off the table and we're focusing on local and smaller batch? brand? distribution? whatever the case may be,...