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Backyard Road Trips

May 18, 2023

Adam "Barbarossa" Coletti is back for round two! Adam, or for this episode "Barbarossa" digs deep into his life as a biker and shares stories of his time on two wheels. He tells us about entry into his motorcycle club, club rituals, and how to get patched. Zack and Jim bring the heat as they grill Adam on club...

Apr 30, 2023

We warmly welcome the good reverend, "Fast" Adam Coletti. This is the interview you've all been waiting for and we've waited four years to get him on. This is part one of a two episode interview with Adam. Zack and Adam have been friends for roughly 40 years and Jim and Adam for a good 25. Adam shares the backstory of...

Mar 11, 2023

Surf's up! It's time to catch a wave because Jim and Zack are surfing the web. Sometimes these road trippers hang up their hiking boots and travel virtually. Find out what websites they recommend for virtual exploration, travel planning, and fun diversions. 

Feb 23, 2023

The boys are sampling drinks once again. This time it's a truly informative hard seltzer taste test. Featuring special guest, Jaclyn "Jackie" Lamothe, they sample hard seltzer from Bud Light, Truly, Two Roads, and White Claw. Which do you think they will like the best? 

Feb 5, 2023

Zack and Jim welcome perennial guest, Drew Burnett of Drew's Honeybees to discuss his theory of male intimacy. Drew regales us with tales, both historically, literary, and even personally, of male bonding through sharing a blanket and a pipe. From Abraham Lincoln to Moby Dick, instances of this are highlighted by Drew...